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TIFF.19 - Ziua maghiară

Eden TIFF.19

Section: Ziua maghiară
Director: Ágnes Kocsis
Cast: Maja Roberti, Lana Baric, Daan Stuyven, Lóránt Bocskor-Salló, Zalán Makranczi, László Kistamás, Róbert Kardos, László Katona
Duration: 2h 33
Country: Hungary
Year: 2020

*To avoid any confusion, please note that 00:00 is midnight hour between the specified calendar day of the show and the previous day. For example, 00:00, May 14 means midnight between May 13 and May 14.

Éva is allergic to all kinds of chemical substances, air pollution, radio waves and electronic fields. She needs to live in total isolation and can have no contact with her environment. The slightest mistake may cause her death. Her only relations are with her brother and the doctors continuously experimenting on her. One day a psychiatrist comes to investigate if her illness is real or exists only in Éva's mind. Will love be enough to save her?

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