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Common Blood

TIFF.19 - Supernova

Common Blood TIFF.19

Section: Supernova
Director: Miguel Cohan
Cast: Oscar Martinez, Dolores Fonzi, Paulina García
Duration: 1h 55
Country: Argentina
Year: 2019

* To avoid any confusion, please note that 00:00 is midnight hour between the specified calendar day of the show and the previous day. For example, 00:00, May 14 means midnight between May 13 and May 14.

The close-knit family that Carla and Santiago have built over the years is put to the test when Carla’s mother is found dead at home. It was supposedly an accident, but Santiago suspects his father-in-law, Elías, is somehow responsible. A series of suspicions, accusations and uncertainty unfolds, sure to unravel their family stability.

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