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Pelican Blood

TIFF.19 - Lună plină

Pelican Blood TIFF.19

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Category: Lună plină

Section: Lună plină
Director: Katrin Gebbe
Cast: Nina Hoss, Katerina Lipovska, Adelia-Constance Giovanni Ocleppo, Murathan Muslu
Duration: 2h 10
Country: Germany
Language: de
Year: 2019

*To avoid any confusion, please note that 00:00 is midnight hour between the specified calendar day of the show and the previous day. For example, 00:00, May 14 means midnight between May 13 and May 14.

Wiebke lives together with her adoptive daughter Nicolina on a horse farm. After many years of waiting, she now has the chance to adopt another girl, Raya, to provide Nicolina with the longed-for sister. The first weeks are harmonious, but shortly thereafter Wiebke realizes that Raya, initially shy and charming, is becoming increasingly aggressive and poses a danger to herself and others. The mother will soon have to cross borders and take extreme decisions to protect her cubs.

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