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Delete History

TIFF.19 - Piaţa Unirii Open Air

Delete History TIFF.19

Section: Piaţa Unirii Open Air
Director: Benoit Delepine
Cast: Denis O'Hare, Benoît Poelvoorde, corinne masiero, Yolande Moreau
Duration: 1h 50
Country: France
Year: 2020

In a provincial suburb, three neighbours are overtaken by new technologies. There’s Marie, who could be about to lose the respect of her son because of a sex tape; Bertrand’s daughter, a victim of online bullying; and Christine whose Uber ratings are refusing to take off. With the help of a genuine hacker, they resolve to fight the mighty windmills of contemporary living – the Big Tech companies. Maybe their battle is screwed from the beginning – but you never know…

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