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Welcome Mr. Marshall!

TIFF.20 - 3x3

Welcome Mr. Marshall! TIFF.20

Section: 3x3
Title: Bienvenido, Mister Marshall!
Director: Luis García Berlanga
Cast: Lolita Sevilla, Manolo Morán, José Isbert, Alberto Romea, Elvira Quintillá
Duration: 1h 28
Country: Spain
Year: 1955

Villar del Río is a very quiet, isolated village, submerged in poverty and illiteracy. Suddenly, its mayor receives the news of the imminent visit of a committee of diplomats for the Marshall Plan, the American organisation in charge of facilitating economic help that the Government of the United States had made available to reconstruct post-war Western Europe. The news creates quite a stir among the neighbours who want to impress the Americans with an extraordinary welcome...