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The Executioner

TIFF.20 - 3x3

The Executioner TIFF.20

Section: 3x3
Title: El verdugo
Director: Luis García Berlanga
Cast: Nino Manfredi, Emma Penella, José Isbert, Guido Albert, Julia Caba Alba, Erasmo Pascual
Duration: 1h 30
Country: Spain
Year: 1963

An executioner strikes up an acquaintance with the town's apprentice undertaker. The executioner has a merry daughter whom no one will marry because of her father's occupation. The junior undertaker understands; no one wants to marry him either. The two young people get married and the groom will soon face his biggest challenge ever: when the executioner retires, he is supposed to replace his so that the family can keep their government-allotted apartment...