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Clara B.

Preceded by 5 short films - 3x3

Clara B. Preceded by 5 short films

Section: 3x3
Director: Alexandru Solomon, on a collaborative screenplay with Corinne Ibram
Cast: Francisco Gil, Anthoine Mathieu, Catherine Javaloyes
Duration: 1h 37
Country: France
Year: 2006

Out of real photos and archive materials, the film builds the imaginary life of Clara B., a photographer and reporter born in Strasbourg at the dawn of the 20th century. Franco-German, never satisfied with being neither French neither German, Clara B. travels through time and witnesses the destruction, then the construction of Europe. A docu-fiction, reflecting on memory and archives.

The five short films are:

Three conversations

Recycled travels

Noli me tangere

Made in Romania


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