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#dogpoopgirl TIFF ORADEA 2021

Title: #dogpoopgirl
Director: Andrei Huțuleac
Cast: Andreea Gramosteanu, Cezar Antal, Tudor Aaron Istodor, Paul Chiribuţă
Duration: 1h 19
Country: Romania
Year: 2021

A single woman and trusted bank employee, Alina Moga is the average corporate worker, with a chaotic personal life but with just enough money to buy herself some sort of happiness. The apparent calm of her existence is shaken by the decision to adopt a stray dog which accidentally regurgitates food on the floor of a subway car. The incident is caught on camera by a teenager who posts it online. Chaos ensues. Inspired by the true events of the Dog Poop Girl incident that took place in South Korea in 2005.