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The Sentries of the Delta


EducaTIFF: Proiectie pentru copii

The Sentries of the Delta EducaTIFF: Proiectie pentru copii


Title: Străjerii Deltei
Director: Liviu Marghidan
Cast: Florentina Ţilea, Vasile Calofir, Viorel Păunescu, Elias Ferkin, Ionuţ Achivoaie
Duration: 1h 25
Country: Romania
Year: 2021

Recommended for age 7+

*preceded by The Stage, Cristian Pleș, 19', România

Several children spend their summer holiday in a camp in the Danube Delta. Their days are filled with adventures, as they learn how to survive in the wilderness. One day, while they clean the waters of plastic bottles, they discover two poachers fishing in the Delta with an electric device… Now the kids have a new mission!