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Director: Mircea Drăgan
Cast: Draga Olteanu, Ioana Drăgan, Viorica Farkas, Violeta Andrei, Reka Naghi
Duration: 1h 28m
Country: România
Year: 1966

Romania / 1966 / 86’ / b/w / Drama / AG / Digitalized version by The National Film Archive 


Directed by: Mircea Drăgan


Screenplay: Nicolae Țic, Mircea Drăgan


With: Draga Olteanu, Ioana Drăgan, Viorica Farkaş, Violeta Andrei, Reka Nagy, Nunuţa Hodoş, Gheorghe Dinică, Sebastian Papaiani, Alexandru Virgil Platon, Ştefan Ciubotăraşu, George Măruţă, Ilarion Ciobanu, Ştefan Bănică, Dem Savu



Produced by: Bucharest Cinema Studios


Six women, widows of the miners who were killed in Lupeni during the strike of 1929, strive for the survivor's pensions they have a right to. They are arrested and taken to the police quarters, some fifty miles away, on foot. All along the way the gendarmes try to force the women to sign statements renouncing their claims for pensions, but they refuse. Only one of the six women will make it to the police quarters and will face the captain.


The film premiered in Romania December 26th, 1966. 

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