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The Criminal Man

TIFF.19 - Fără limită

The Criminal Man TIFF.19

Section: Fără limită
Director: Dmitry Mamuliya
Cast: Giorgi Petriashvili, Madona Chachkhiani, Natalia Jugheli, Nukri Revishvili, Vasilisa Zemskova, Anna Talakvadze
Duration: 2h 15
Country: Georgia
Year: 2019

Giorgi, a deputy-chief engineer from an industrial factory, becomes an accidental witness to the murder of a famous goalkeeper. The tragedy infects him like a virus, until eventually becoming his obsession. Absorbed by everything connected with the murder, he studies the faces of criminals, as if trying to solve some kind of a mystery. Being a ‘nobody’, he commits a series of actions in an attempt to become ‘somebody’, but who? A murderer?