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What a Country!

TIFF.19 - 3x3

What a Country! TIFF.19


Category: 3x3

Section: 3x3
Director: Vinko Bresan
Cast: Krešimir Mikić, Lazar Ristovski, Niksa Butijer, Sebastian Cavazza, Daniel Olbrychski, Drazen Kuhn, Zdenko Jelčić, Mate Gulin
Duration: 1h 58
Country: Croatia
Language: hr
Year: 2019

Three surreal, interconnected stories, each of them linked to Croatia’s traumatic past. It all starts on New Year’s Eve when the coffin of the late Croatian president is stollen from its tomb. The thieves want to exchange the presidents' remains for information on the whereabouts of their children who were killed in the war and buried in unmarked graves. Not everything goes according to plan…