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A Thief's Daughter

TIFF.20 - Carte blanche San Sebastian

A Thief's Daughter TIFF.20

Section: Carte blanche San Sebastian
Title: La hija de un ladrón
Director: Belén Funes
Cast: Greta Fernández, Eduard Fernandez, Àlex Monner, Frank Feys
Duration: 1h 42
Country: Spain
Year: 2019

Sara is 22 and has always been alone. Her only companion is her 6-month-old son. Dani is the man of her life and also the father of her child, but they are not a couple anymore. With her younger brother, Sara dreams of rebuilding the family she has never had. But one day Manuel returns. The father who abandoned them both now wants to regain the companionship of his children. But there are certain wounds that can’t be healed.

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