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The Green Ray

TIFF.20 - Close-up Eric Rohmer

The Green Ray TIFF.20

Section: Close-up Eric Rohmer
Title: Le rayon vert
Director: Eric Rohmer
Cast: Marie Rivière, Béatrice Romand, Carita Holmström
Duration: 1h 30
Country: France
Year: 1986

It is the beginning of summer. Delphine had planned to go on holiday with a girlfriend but the latter let her down at the last minute. Some friends invite her to Normandy and the mountains, but she finally cuts short her stay. She then ends up in Biarritz where she has several desultory encounters. The advice of an emancipated Swedish woman only deepens her solitude until she overhears snatches of conversation about Jules Vernes' "The Green Ray" that give rise to new hope.