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Other People

TIFF.21 - Focus Polonia

Other People TIFF.21


Section: Focus Polonia
Director: Aleksandra Terpinska
Cast: Jacek Beler, Sonia Bohosiewicz, Magdalena Kolesnik, Sebastian Fabijanski, Marek Kalita, Beata Kawka, Piotr Witkowski
Duration: 1h 46
Country: Poland
Language: pl
Year: 2021

Kamil is a wannabe-rapper who shares a tiny apartment with his mother and a younger sister. He should be getting his life and career going but instead he gets high, roams around the city and starts an affair with bored, rich housewife Iwona, who feels invisible in her marriage and looks for oblivion and ease by taking uncontrolled doses of antidepressants. It’s a polyphonic story about isolated people dreaming of love in the big city.