Performing Juliet

Performing Juliet Preceded by Nicolae

Performing Juliet

Preceded by Nicolae - Ziua maghiară

Section: Ziua maghiară
Director: Andras Visky
Cast: Melissa Lorraine, Evan Hill, Katie Sherman, Katie Stimpson, Elijah Washington, Arch Harmon
Duration: 40m
Country: Hungary
Language: hu
Year: 2021
Section: Ziua maghiară
Director: Mihai Grecu
Duration: 41m
Year: 2022

Melissa Loraine in an actress who found success performing in András Visky's play Juliet around the world. During this period, she faced domestic violence in her relationship. After a long struggle, she decided to get a divorce. She lost everything: her stepson and the support of her conservative family. The documentary explores whether theatre can help us better understand our off-stage lives.


Screenplay: Mihai Grecu

Director of Photography: George Chiper-Lillemark, Elie Leve

Editor: Alexandru Radu, Lucie Jego

Cast: Cătălin Maxim, Rafila Maniu, Florica lui Paparadă, Ion Kamla, Ionuţ Lemeny

Producer: François Martin Saint Léon, Daniel Mitulescu

Production: Barberousse Films, Metropolis Film

Festivals: Rotterdam 2022


Nicolae (doc, 2022), Saturnism (sm/short, 2020), The Reflection of Power (sm/short, 2015), Exland (sm/short, doc, 2013), Centipede Sun (sm/short, doc, 2010), Coagulate (sm/short, 2008)

In Romania, in the village of Rahau, the population is confronted with the return of Nicolae Ceaușescu in the form of a hologram.

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