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TIFF Card guarantees access to 25 screenings, including 3 special events of the cardholder’s choice (except Film Food screenings and the Closing Ceremony)

Physical TIFFCards are issued between June 15 — June 17 at the Unirii Square ticketing point, but cardholders are not obligated to carry the cards on them: they can just use the unique code received by e-mail upon purchase to reserve seats.

Cardholders have access to a maximum of 6 screenings and/or events per day and cannot reserve 2 tickets for the same screening or event using the same card.

In order to purchase these cards, after checkout you must fill in the form available on the and upload a recent photo in .jpg format.

Upon purchasing this card, cardholders will receive a 25% discount for a 1-year subscription to TIFF Unlimited (, the festival's video streaming platform.