100 Seasons

100 Seasons TIFF.22

100 Seasons

TIFF.22 - Focus nordic | What's Up, Doc?

Section: Focus nordic | What's Up, Doc?
Title: 100 årstider
Director: Giovanni Bucchieri
Cast: Giovanni Bucchieri, Louise Peterhoff, Karin Franz Körlof, David Lagerqvist
Duration: 1h 41m
Country: Sweden
Language: sv/fr/en
Year: 2023

Inspired by real video diaries of his first love, which he filmed around 30 years ago, director Giovanni Bucchieri unfolds an emotional love story starring two artists and soulmates. Their relationship is challenged by bipolar disorder, ambition in life and longing for acceptance. 100 Seasons offers a colorful mix of passion, tenderness, and romance.
Incorporating footage of himself and costar Louise Peterhoff in the irresistible throes of young love, debut director Giovanni Bucchieri has produced an expressionistic melodrama that keeps one foot in beguiling reality as we follow his protagonists’ grandiose, yet lonely lives and yearn for a reunion.

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