The Barbarians

The Barbarians TIFF.22

The Barbarians

TIFF.22 - Competiție

Section: Competiție
Title: La barbarie
Director: Andrew Sala
Cast: Nacho Quesada, Marcelo Subiotto, Tamara Rocca, Lautaro Souto
Duration: 1h 34
Country: France
Language: es
Year: 2022

18-year-old Nacho flees the violence of his home in Buenos Aires and seeks refuge with his father, a farmer he barely knows. The stay is interrupted when a cow is found dead, without explanation. In an attempt to gain his father's approval, Nacho tries to solve the death of the cows. But as he investigates, he discovers a thick layer of mistrust and tension between the classes, which leads him to ask himself what it is to be a boss.

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