The Cake Dynasty

The Cake Dynasty TIFF.22

The Cake Dynasty

TIFF.22 - Focus nordic | Competiție

Section: Focus nordic | Competiție
Title: Kagefabrikke
Director: Christian Lollike
Cast: Nicolas Bro, Bahar Pars, Tina Gylling, Emma Sested Høeg, Andreas Jebro
Duration: 1h 47
Country: Denmark
Language: da
Year: 2022

Niels Agger is a baker frustrated by life whose cake factory is facing financial ruin. While he fails miserably, his wife, Else, tries to modernise the factory with the help of daughter June: healthy cakes are the order of the day. Niels is anything but enthusiastic about this concept and is much more interested in the new cleaning lady Zeinab. With her fun-loving nature and her sugary Arabic pastries, he sees the Iraqi woman as the saviour of his factory – and more.

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