Daughter of Rage

Daughter of Rage TIFF.22

Daughter of Rage

TIFF.22 - Competiție

Section: Competiție
Title: La hija de todas las rabias
Director: Laura Baumeister de Montis
Cast: Virginia Raquel Sevilla Garcia, Carlos Gutierrez, Noé Hernández, Ara Alejandra Medal
Duration: 1h 27m
Country: Nicaragua
Language: es
Year: 2022

Nicaragua, today. 11-year-old Maria lives with her mother Lilibeth at the edge of a garbage dump. Their future depends on selling a litter of purebred puppies to a local thug. When the deal falls through, Lilibeth must go to the city and drops Maria off at a recycling center where she must stay and work. But days pass and she doesn’t return. Maria feels lost, bewildered and angry. One night, Maria meets Tadeo, an imaginative new friend who is determined to help her to reunite with her mother.

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