Another Lottery Ticket

Another Lottery Ticket TIFF.22

Another Lottery Ticket

TIFF.22 - Zilele Filmului Românesc

Section: Zilele Filmului Românesc
Title: Încă două lozuri
Director: Paul Negoescu
Cast: Dragos Bucur, Dorian Boguta, Alexandru Papadopol, Iulian Postelnicu
Duration: 1h 25m
Country: Romania
Language: ro
Year: 2023

Sile, Pompiliu and Dinel try a new method to get rich quick: cryptocurrency mining. And lo and behold, they manage it! But then they misplace the USB drive where they keep their digital fortune and embark on a quest to recover it. The sequel to Two Lottery Tickets, the beloved Romanian comedy released in 2016!

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