Miúcha, the Voice of Bossa Nova

Miúcha, the Voice of Bossa Nova TIFF.22

Miúcha, the Voice of Bossa Nova

TIFF.22 - Larger Than Life

Section: Larger Than Life
Title: Miúcha, a voz da Bossa Nova
Director: Daniel Zarvos
Cast: Miúcha , Chico Buarque, Vinicius de Moraes
Duration: 1h 38
Country: Brazil
Language: pt
Year: 2022

The male musicians in Miúcha’s life overshadowed her. But her vibrant spirit couldn’t be held back, even as she struggled to find her own voice in a man’s world. She earned unprecedented success, becoming a symbol of female resilience and a musical legend in her own right. Here is her story!

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