The Earth is a Sinful Song

18+ fi
The Earth is a Sinful Song TIFF.22

The Earth is a Sinful Song 18+

TIFF.22 - Focus nordic

Section: Focus nordic
Title: Maa on syntinen laulu
Director: Rauni Mollberg
Cast: Maritta Viitamäki, Pauli Jauhojärvi, Aimo Saukko
Duration: 1h 44m
Country: Finland
Language: fi
Year: 1973

The 1940s, the Finnish Lapland. Martta, a 19-year-old girl, has an ill-fated affair with Oula, a womanizing reindeer herdsman. When the 19-year-old girl turns up pregnant, her alcoholic father is outraged and a series of tragic events follows.

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