A Bomb Was Stolen

A Bomb Was Stolen TIFF.22

A Bomb Was Stolen

TIFF.22 - Proiecții speciale

Section: Proiecții speciale
Title: S-a furat o bombă
Director: Ion Popescu-Gopo
Cast: Iurie Darie, Emil Botta, Eugenia Balaure
Duration: 1h 10
Country: Romania
Language: no_lang
Year: 1962

Gangsters struggle to recover a bomb hidden in a suitcase which came into the possession of an innocent young man who is completely oblivious to its content. This spy thriller parody makes fun of the nuclear weapons race in the era and is screened as a celebration of the 100th anniversary of director Ion Popescu-Gopo's birth, both in original version and with a new score written by Alexei Țurcan and performed live by Romanian Cinema Orchestra.

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