Shine Special guest: Geoffrey Rush / Q&A


Special guest: Geoffrey Rush / Q&A

Director: Scott Hicks
Cast: Geoffrey Rush
Duration: 1h 45m
Country: Australia
Language: EN

Australian actor Geoffrey Rush will be present at the screening of Shine and will participate in a Q&A session at the end. Geoffrey Rush won an Academy Award for his role in the film.

David Helfgott is a gifted pianist. However, his promising talent never reached the heights that experts, including his father, expected him to achieve. Shine is, at times, like a slow-motion car crash, almost too painful to watch. In his childhood, David was regarded as the most talented pianist of his generation. However, his talent withered under the formidable pressure exerted by his father, a man who lost both of his parents in concentration camps and undoubtedly loves his child but has no clue how to understand him and channel his talent. The father's mistakes, however, destroy his son's budding career.

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