TIFF Gold Card

TIFF Gold Card TIFF.22

TIFF Gold Card


Guarantees access to 30 screenings, concerts, special events and festival parties of the cardholder’s choice (except Film Food screenings, the Closing Ceremony, official receptions, and press conferences).

Physical Gold Cards are issued between June 6 — June 8 at the Unirii Square ticketing point ticketing point, but cardholders are not obligated to carry the cards on them: they can just use the unique code received by e-mail upon purchase to reserve seats.

Cardholders have access to a maximum of 6 screenings and/or events per day and cannot reserve 2 tickets for the same screening or event using the same card.

Upon purchasing this card, cardholders will receive a 50% discount for a 1-year subscription to TIFF Unlimited (unlimited.tiff.ro), the festival's video streaming platform.

At this moment, we do not have any future performances scheduled.

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