I Have Electric Dreams

I Have Electric Dreams TIFF.22

I Have Electric Dreams

TIFF.22 - Supernova

Section: Supernova
Title: Tengo sueños eléctricos
Director: Valentina Maurel
Cast: Reinaldo Amien Gutiérrez, Daniela Marín Navarro, José Pablo Segreda Johanning
Duration: 1h 40m
Country: France
Language: en/es
Year: 2022

Against Eva’s wishes, her mother wants to get rid of the cat, which, disoriented since the divorce, pees everywhere. Eva wants to go and live with her dad, who, disoriented like the cat, is experiencing a second adolescence. Will things ever take a turn for the better? This feature won awards at many festivals, including Locarno, San Sebastian and Thessaloniki!

At this moment, we do not have any future performances scheduled.

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