Day Tripper

Day Tripper TIFF.23

Day Tripper

TIFF.23 - Competition

Section: Competition
Title: Yi Ri You
Director: Yanqi Chen
Cast: Kang Luo, Nan Cui, Zezhi Long
Duration: 1h 31m
Country: China
Language: cmn
Year: 2023

On an ordinary day in a city of north China, people struggle for their life as usual. A middle-aged man finds his position replaced by a young person. He doesn't know where to go. The man's wife wants a new life. She tries to move to a new place and break up with her lover. The high school students are numbly arranged in the schoolyard. And a young teacher is trying to change the traditional education system. At a remote bus stop, people wait for the bus all day. However, they don’t know the bus may never stop there…

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