La Reine

La Reine TIFF.23

La Reine

TIFF.23 - What's Up, Doc?

Section: What's Up, Doc?
Title: La Reine
Director: Nikola Klinger
Duration: 1h 0m
Country: Czech Republic
Language: en/fr
Year: 2023

Aging bohemian Ian lives on a former lavender farm in the south of France, where he produces traditional essential oils. Although he has a wild drug period behind him, he has never completely gotten rid of his addiction and is not even trying to do so anymore. Nevertheless, he is an inspiration and mentor to those around him, bringing the local community together in his own unique way. But is that all he wants out of life? A documentary that shows there are two ways to enjoy freedom, either as a medicinal herb or as a poisonous drug.

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