Glass, My Unfulfilled Life

Glass, My Unfulfilled Life TIFF.23

Glass, My Unfulfilled Life

TIFF.23 - What's Up, Doc?

Section: What's Up, Doc?
Title: Glas, mijn onvervulde leven
Director: Rogier Kappers
Cast: Arvo Pärt, Rogier Kappers
Duration: 1h 34m
Country: Netherlands
Language: en/nl
Year: 2023

Glass, My Unfulfilled Life is the tragi-comic coming of old age story of 52-year-old Rogier
Kappers, who pursues his childhood dream: he wants to become a famous street musician on the glass organ, an instrument made of singing wine glasses. In the film we follow our (anti-)hero on his sometimes hilarious, yet always moving quest for fame, love and fortune. From building his own glass organ, to a passionate encounter with the world-famous composer Arvo Pärt, from the first steps as a street musician to a disastrous adventure in Dubai and up to the never-expected 'grand finale'...

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