On the Go

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On the Go TIFF.23

On the Go 18+

TIFF.23 - Smart 7

Section: Smart 7
Title: On the Go
Director: María Gisèle Royo
Cast: Omar Ayuso, Chacha Huang, Manuel de Blas, Julia de Castro
Duration: 1h 12m
Country: Spain
Language: es
Year: 2023

To be or not to be a mother, that is the question. At 37, Milagros stretches a carefree youth in her last years of fertility, while Jonathan seeks solace on Grindr in order to overcome abandonment issues. Friendship and driving ease the disorientation caused by the deceptive freedom of the early 21st century. A delirious road movie full of music, where a mysterious mermaid with a magic crown will set the course of the journey.

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