La Cocina

La Cocina TIFF.23

La Cocina

TIFF.23 - Supernova

Section: Supernova
Title: La Cocina
Director: Alonso Ruizpalacios
Cast: Raúl Briones Carmona, Anna Diaz, Motell Foster, Oded Fehr, Rooney Mara
Duration: 2h 19m
Country: Mexico
Year: 2024

It is the lunchtime rush at The Grill, a New York tourist trap that serves thousands of customers on a regular Friday like today. One of the cooks is Pedro, a young Mexican who is seeking more from life than this job has to offer. He is a dreamer and a troublemaker, and he is in love with Julia, an American waitress who cannot commit to a relationship with an undocumented alien. Rashid, The Grill’s owner, has promised to help Pedro with his papers. But when Pedro is accused of stealing the money, and then discovers that Julia has had an abortion, his reaction will halt the production line at the kitchen once and for all.

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