Ellipsis TIFF.23


TIFF.23 - Full Moon

Section: Full Moon
Title: Puntos suspensivos
Director: David Marques
Cast: José Coronado, Cecilia Suárez, Georgina Amorós, Diego Peretti
Duration: 1h 29m
Country: Spain
Year: 2024

Leo is a successful author of mystery novels, who writes under the pseudonym Cameron Graves. While penning his next book in an isolated chalet, he receives a strange visit from Jota, a somewhat troubling character, who claims to be a journalist. No one is aware of Leo’s true identity and only Victoria, his agent, knows his whereabouts, so... How has Jota managed to track him down? What are his intentions? A dark secret linked to Adriana, his young lover, seems to be behind the mysterious visit. Lies, betrayal, threats and death will be the order of the day as the two characters go head to head in a merciless duel.

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