Concrete Utopia

Concrete Utopia TIFF.23

Concrete Utopia

TIFF.23 - No Limit

Section: No Limit
Title: Konkeuriteu yutopia
Director: Um Tae-hwa
Cast: Lee Byung-hun, Park Sseo-jun, Park Bo-young, Kim Do-yoon
Duration: 2h 10m
Country: Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Year: 2023

The world has been reduced to rubble by a massive earthquake. In the heart of Seoul there is only one apartment building left standing. It is called Hwang Gung Apartments. As time passes, outsiders start coming in to Hwang Gung Apartments trying to escape the extreme cold. Before long, the residents are unable to cope with the increasing numbers. Feeling a threat to their own survival, they start taking special measures.

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