Danger Zone

Danger Zone TIFF.23

Danger Zone

TIFF.23 - What's Up, Doc?

Section: What's Up, Doc?
Title: Danger Zone
Director: Vita Maria Drygas
Cast: Eleonora Giuliani, Andrew Drury, Rick Sweeney, AJ Harris
Duration: 1h 33m
Country: Poland
Language: en
Year: 2023

In the competitive world of tourism, there are very few experiences that are out of bounds. The documentary explores the world of war tourism, catering to a growing market for ever rarer and extreme experiences. Tourists are promised frontline action, with real ammo, real battles, and real danger. War has become a luxury product, a commodity that can be bought and sold, and tour operators are desperate to get into the growing business. This morally ambiguous tourist industry leads to the collision of two very different worlds, between these thrill-seeking tourists and the people caught in the cross-hairs of conflict, who are not afforded the luxury and privilege of choice.

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