Cine-concert: A bomb was stolen

Cine-concert: A bomb was stolen TIFF.22

Cine-concert: A bomb was stolen


On June 17th, Transilvania IFF celebrates the Gopo Centenary with a cine-concert at the Students House of Culture at 7.30PM. The 1962 Cannes Film Festival competition film A Bomb Was Stolen will be screened both in its original form and with a new soundtrack created especially for this event by composer Alexei Țurcan and performed live by artists from Cluj-Napoca, part of the Romanian Cinema Orchestra, conducted by Tiberiu Soare. The main partner of this special event is The Romanian Cultural Institute. 

A Bomb Was Stolen is an excellent example of Ion Popescu-Gopo's versatility; a slapstick comedy, a spy thriller, a science-fiction-political creation that relies on farce, satire and surrealism to deconstruct the spy thriller and deliver a pacifist message. A young unemployed man (Iurie Darie) comes into possession of a briefcase concealing an atomic bomb, and this triggers a series of adventures and gags that could stand in the cinematic universe alongside those of Charlie Chaplin or Jacques Tati. Completely devoid of dialogue, A Bomb Was Stolen allows Gopo to build a rich soundscape that helps to move the story along and heighten the comic.

Alexei Turcan is a musician, composer and music producer. He began his career as a member of the band Travka, but has been part of numerous alternative projects, later moving into theatre and film music. Recently, Alexei composed the soundtrack for the documentary Wild Romania, an important musical endeavour that won him the Gopo Award for Best Original Music.

Tiberiu Soare is conductor of the Bucharest National Opera Orchestra and principal conductor of the Sibiu Philharmonic Orchestra. Internationally, he has collaborated with many prestigious ensembles such as the London Philharmonic Orchestra, Kammer Ensemble N, Musica Vitae Chamber Orchestra, Osaka Chamber Symphony Orchestra, Bad-Reichenhaller Orchester, "Bedrich Smetana" Philharmonic Orchestra.

At this moment, we do not have any future performances scheduled.

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