Valeria Stoica | Club Control

Valeria Stoica | Club Control Live Concert / Video Premiere

Valeria Stoica | Club Control

Live Concert / Video Premiere

Valeria Stoica is an indie singer/songwriter from Moldova, based in Bucharest. She delivers her soulful vocals over a warm sound, influenced by her deep connection with nature, where she spent most of her childhood. 

She started playing the guitar at 9 years old, but discovered her voice at 16, after listening to international indie artists, and posting covers on youtube.  She claimed the attention of some labels from Romania, and then moved to Bucharest to start producing her first album.

Nowadays, Valeria writes her own music, and released in 2020 her debut album called " I Don't Like Roses", which was a surprise for local and international audiences. 

Her debut single, „Distante” and „Poate” proved very successful in Romania, while her international releases, „Get Back”, „Just a Boy”, and „Empty Air”, managed to bring Valeria a large and loyal audience from Italy, Japan, Scandinavia featuring Italian Billboard, and MTV Italy,

She performed at a lot of festivals in Romania, one of her favorites being Electric Castle, which is on her list for the 4th year in a row. 


She studied as a film director, and this helped her to improve her creativity, and at the same time, to know exactly what she wants.

She is working now on her second album, which she wants to release in 2023., with a more dynamic, mature sound.


At this moment, we do not have any future performances scheduled.

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