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infiniTIFF Summit


How do the touch points of storytelling and technology look like and what is the potential of this merger? infiniTIFF Summit aims to explore this topic and bring to the audience international experts who will provide answers to film professionals as well as to all those working in creative and technological fields.

The newest forms of storytelling, the technological innovations that will revolutionize film production and new financial models applied to the industry needs are among the key points addressed by the European special-guest at the conference:

·Ricardo J. Mendez (Berlin), Technical Director at Samsung NEXT

·Sten Saluveer (Tallinn), CEO / Founder at Storytek Creative AcceleratorProf. Thomas Langhanki (Berlin), Founder and CEO, Experimental Game

·directors Katarzyna Kifert și Dawid Marcinkowski - Kissinger Twins

·Irina Albita  (Londra), co-founder Big Couch 

By discovering new forms of collaboration between fields, participants will be challenged to rethink the way audio-visual products are produced, distributed and presented to the consumer, in the constantly evolving technological context.

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At this moment, we do not have any future performances scheduled.

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