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InfiniTIFF Summit is a half-day conference for participants to explore how work, workflows and processes in filmmaking are currently being disrupted and reinvented by virtual production. The conference addresses professionals with backgrounds in film, business, IT, tech and design, who are interested in how technology and virtual production is re-shaping the filmmaking process and the future of audiovisual content. Among the speakers are Guido van Nispen (Amsterdam), publisher of think tank Silicon Vallery i4J (Innovation for Jobs),  Jean-Colas Prunier (Paris), founder of PocketStudio and world class expert in software development for digital film production, Mikael Windelin, independent producer and VFX Specialist, Hermione Flynn and David Bennet (Berlin), founders of Mimic Production and groundbreaking pioneers in 3D animation and motion capture, and Anamaria Vrabie and Ovidiu Cîmpean (Cluj), the driving forces behind Cluj Future of Work, an EU backed project looking at the disruption of jobs and skills in the local economy. The infiniTIFF Summit also features a series of 1 min Pitches and a Speed Dating session.  

Full program and details here https://tiff.ro/infinitiff/summit