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Hotel Platinia Thursday, 06 June 2019 / 09:30 30.00 lei Click pentru rezervare cu Super card / Iron Card


InfiniTIFF Summit is a half-day conference allowing participants to explore how work, workflows and processes in filmmaking are currently being disrupted and reinvented by virtual production. The conference addresses professionals with backgrounds in film, business, IT, tech and design, who are interested in how virtual production is re-shaping the filmmaking process and the future of audiovisual content. Among the guest speakers Guido van Nispen, editor for think tank Silicon Vallery i4J (Innovation for Jobs),  Jean-Colas Prunier, founder of PocketStudio and world class expert in software development for digital film production, Peter Hjorth, VFX specialist, long time collaborator of  Lars Von Trier, winner of European Film Award for special effects in 2018, Hermione Flynn and David Bennet, founders of Mimic Production and pioneers in 3D industry.  

Full program and details here https://tiff.ro/infinitiff/summit